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The latest Classic Choice catalogues are available to view in a format known as PDF, or Portable Document Format. This format allows anyone, no matter which computer operating system they use, to download and read the information as long as they have an active connection to the internet and also have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin installed in their internet browser. This plugin is provided free of charge by Adobe Systems Inc. Click below to download the plugin.

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We fully appreciate that certain customers are looking to acquire rarer and consequently more expensive items to add to their collection or to offer to their customers. To this end, we are constantly travelling all over the UK to acquire the finest LP's for our clientele.

It is often the case that when acquiring the rarer items, there are many other first rate items, also on 'top tier' labels that are purchased by us at the same time. I have chosen to separate these items into a second list, limiting the price of this list to a maximum of 5 per disc, thereby offering superb sonic quality recordings at great value prices.

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CATALOGUE No. 53 (Full Catalogue)

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Where the words 'HP List' appear, this indicates that the record is (or used to be) on the TAS list of recommended recordings. Where the name TAS appears in the 'Notes' section, this indicates the volume of 'The Absolute Sound' in which the record was reviewed.

For box sets in general, the figure in brackets indicates the number of records in the set.


We at Classic Choice are proud to be a part of the effort to provide an international standard of identification for record labels and as such we incorporate this useful and helpful classification within our label description column. Please contact us if you wish to place an order for the Labelography.

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